Our People

  1. Professionality

    We do our best as professionals with a sense of responsibility for quality and schedule. We persistently pursue our goals with passion like professionals.

  2. Openness

    We have an open mindset for challenges in new areas. We respond flexibly and pursue the best for further improvements rather than settling for the existing process.

  3. Communication

    We pursue constructive criticism and discussion in the process of achieving the best. We constantly observe, evaluate, and communicate from the user’s point of view.

  4. Responsibility

    We do our best with a sense of responsibility for the work we are in charge of. Furthermore, our words do not differ from our actions and we take responsibility of what we say and what we do.

How We Hire

  1. Application Review

    Step to verify basic personality and experience

  2. Job Evaluation

    Step to evaluate competency for the job

  3. Practical/Executive Interview

    Step to have a practical interview with previous information

  4. Welcome Aboard!

    After final qualification is confirmed, we will notify you individually.

Areas of Work

  • Game Design

    Game Planning

  • Programming

    Client / Server Programming

  • Art

    Game Art

  • Service Unit

    PM / QA

  • Production

    Screenwriter / Video Production

  • Business

    Business Planning / Marketing

  • Support

    Business Support