About Us

TAKEONE is the content-convergence company pioneering a new genre of pop culture through combination of various cultural genres

TAKEONE is currently developing a cinematic game genre that combines storytelling elements of video content with profitability of games and aspires to be Asia's leading cinematic game company with quality content. To achieve our goal, talented people from different background are creating synergy by establishing a strong production alliance.

Pioneering towards a new cultural genre is not an easy task. However for TAKEONE, creating content is an opportunity that link us to the new world, milestones we portray, and a daring challenge we take towards the world unknown.

Journey to New Content Experience, excitement about the content you are watching for the first time. We would love to bring this experience to the broader audience enjoying our games and other content.

To lead the market trend, we will cherish the process of constantly communicating and interacting with our content consumers. In such process, we strive to ensure that succeeds in his/her respective role, and fully enjoys the opportunities and results of growth.


    Asia's leading game and entertainment content-convergence company


    Producing new content and pioneering new genres by combining various cultural content genres


Asia's leading game and entertainment
content-convergence company

Producing new content and
pioneering new genres by combining
various cultural content genres



  • 12 <NCT ZONE> Global release
  • 11 <NCT ZONE> Pre-registration
  • 05 <BLACKPINK THE GAME> Global release
  • 04 <BLACKPINK THE GAME> Pre-registration
  • 01 Launched <Pucca Puzzle Adventure> game
  • 12 Mobile Game <Pucca Puzzle Adventure>
    Global Pre-registration
  • 09 Takeone Studio participated
    in the event Brand Licensing Europe 2022
  • 06 Takeone Company
    and YG Entertainment sign
    partnership agreement
  • 04 Takeone Company
    and SLL sign partnership agreement
  • 03 Takeone Company makes
    an agreement with Film Monster
    and Icecream Studio over the
    'Zombic Culture Club' NFT Project
  • 09 Takeone Studio attracts Series A investment
  • 09 Takeone Studio's movie
    “CONTORTED” is officially invited to
    the 26th Busan International Film Festival
  • 04 Attract investment and make strategic
    business alliance with JTBC Studio
  • 04 Physical Division of content IP
    production company, TAKEONE STUDIO
  • 02 Aired TAKEONE production drama,
    <Luca: The Beginning> at tvN
  • 12 Signed <PUCCA> global game project contract
  • 10 Selected as ACFM E-IP market at
    Busan International Film Festival
    with Webtoon <CELL> and <The Pit>
  • 07 Selected by Korea Technology Finance
    Corporation as <Pre-Unicorn Company>
  • 05 Ranked #1 on Daum and Kakao Page
    with Webtoon <CELL>
  • 04 Series C investment attraction
    with <BTS WORLD>
  • 06 Launched <BTS WORLD> game worldwide
  • 06 Released <BTS WORLD>
    soundtrack album worldwide
  • 11 Signed a <LUCA>
    drama-game-webtoon contract
  • 07 Raised funds in a Series B financing round
  • 05 Selected by Korea Creative Content Agency
    as a next-generation game support project
  • 02 Signed a <BTS WORLD> global publishing
    contract with Netmarble
  • 08 Attracted PF investments with
    <BTS WORLD> game and OST
  • 05 Launched cinematic game
    <Priests - The Order of Exorcism>
  • 02 Launched <Romance with your idol>,
    Relaunched <TAKE URBAN>
  • 01 Launched cinematic game
    <Hwarang - The Beginning>
  • 10 Signed a <BTS> game project contract
    with Big Hit Entertainment
  • 06 Selected by K-Global as a
    smart mobile support project
  • 06 Raised funds in a Series A financing round
  • 02 Established TAKEONE COMPANY

Core Values

TAKEONE respects and pursues talent-oriented values

  • Openness

    We aspire to improve through open mindset for new content and open discussion for new methods.

  • Communication

    We create content by communicating and collaborating honestly. We think about content by communicating from the perspectives of the target audience.

  • Challenge

    We are not afraid of embracing challenges in new areas of work. We find meanings from the process of constructive arguments and bold opinions to achieve the best.

  • Passion

    We have strong desires for new content. We put value on challenging ourselves and do our best.

People & Technology

Alliance of cinematic game combining entertainment-based content planning with game production capabilities and production group optimized for developing content convergence

  • game
    Netmarble, NCSOFT, WEMADE, XL Games, etc.
  • entertainment
    CJ ENM (E&M), SM Entertainment, JoongAng Media, Chorokbaem Media, etc.
  • Technology

    Image Object Draw, Seeking, Play mechanism processing technology when branching video

    Development of image processing engine built on Adobe Flash Air for Mobile technology

  • R&D

    Streaming video technology for simultaneous recognition and processing of video playback and user input patterns

    Interlayer processing technology for I/F between streaming video and game UI

  • Patent

    Ownership and application of various patents for video-based content services

    Ownership of user propensity and content distribution patent for content platform services


TAKEONE began with the meaning of taking various cultures such as entertainment, games, etc. and integrating them into one new genre.

With T, which embodies creative and differentiated thinking, and O, which represents being one, the logo reflects TAKEONE’s will and spirit of challenge to create a new cultural genre.

The main color of CI was intended to give the impression of swimming in a vast scale of space, and it is TAKEONE’s dream to gain creative inspiration through infinite imagination and deliver it as the best content.